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Acquire. Analyse. Improve.
Real-time insights
Our unique technology tracks every single customer in-store to an accuracy of 1.5m every second without cameras nor smartphones.
Optimal product placement
Directly measure the impact of any campaign in your store: number of views and time customers spend in front of each product.
Efficient staff management
Let us suggest strategic changes in your store: our BigData technology analyses the results in nearby stores to optimize yours.
Persistently detect each customer that visit your store
Recognise hot areas, blind spots to shelf accuracy
Track each product to better measure your engagement
Adapt dynamically in-store advertising, based on nearby customers' interests
Access your data anytime, everywhere through an online dashboard
Alex Martín

CTO technology hacker

Ph.D in Machine Learning graduated Cum Laude
MSc. in Electronics Engineering
Indoor navigation algorithm creator

Flight Dynamics member on European Space Agency
Jorge Bueno

CEO vision leadership

Ph.D in 3D Artificial Vision graduated Cum Laude
MSc. in Control Engineering
MSc. in Electrical Engineering
Non-linear optimisation procedures

Hacked Whatsapp creating an exploit of +50M users
Marco Doncel

CIO data intelligence

MSc. in Computer Science in Stereo Vision
Data mining management
Serial apps developer
Mobile database expert

Former CEO at Liveclubs
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